What are the Indications of Aspergers Syndrome

Individuals with Aspergers syndrome are on the higher end of the spectrum. Usually these issues are first observed when a kid starts school.

The child can have all the indications of Aspergers, or only a few. Here are some of the common indications of Aspergers syndrome.

1. Have a tough time talking to other kids. Kids with Aspergers syndrome have a tough time going up to somebody and starting a discussion.

2. Speak in words that are really advanced for their age. The Asperger’s kid may use words that adults would use.

3. Have problem understanding when someone is joking, or being sarcastic. Children with Aspergers have a difficult time understanding tones of people’s voices. They tend to take everything said seriously.

4. Have really restricted interests. A child with Aspergers syndrome might only want to concentrate on something. They might take a liking to puzzles, and only want to do puzzles all the time.

They will typically learn whatever they can about one subject. That will be all they concentrate on.

Have a tough time with changes in their routine. This can be hard for a kid starting school.

The very same thing can happen during breaks during the school year. This is a typical issue of Autistic children.

6. Talking a lot. Children with Aspergers generally yap. They often say whatever they are thinking whether it is appropriate or not.

The majority of the discussions they have are one sided. While it appears like the child is speaking with you, they are actually talking at you.

Issues making friends. Kids with Aspergers have difficulty making friends due to their failure to relate to the other children.

8. No eye contact. Children with Aspergers typically will not look you in the eye when speaking. This is another common quality of an Autistic child.

9. Using repeated motions. This can be a movement like spinning around, or recovering and forth while sitting.

These motions are relaxing to the Aspergers child.

The Aspergers child may speak truly quickly. They typically do not stop to see if the individual they are talking to is paying attention.

Their intonation is flat and does not change to reveal feelings.

Issues with movement. Children with Aspergers often have difficulty with their coordination skills.

They might take a very long time to learn how to ride a bike.

Asperger kids have the most positive outcome on the Autism spectrum. They have high intelligence and language skills.

They can typically be taught the social skills they need to manage.

If you observe any of these signs in your kid discuss them to the medical professional.

Children with Aspergers have a hard time comprehending tones of people’s voices. Kids with Aspergers generally talk a lot. Kids with Aspergers have difficulty making good friends due to their inability to relate to the other children. Kids with Aspergers typically will not look you in the eye when speaking. Kids with Aspergers often have trouble with their coordination skills.


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