Mercury-Free Dentistry – Is There Toxin In Your Mouth?

100 Million Americans have it in their bodies, right now, reeking havoc in every cell. 72 lots of it is positioned directly in the mouths of North Americans each year.

It can contribute to major persistent degenerative diseases including cardiovascular disease, numerous sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, fatigue syndrome, kidney disease, and other neurological illness, simply to name a few.

Is it in your mouth? It might have been put there innocently by a well-intentioned dental professional several years back. But now, a growing number of research study is showing that this hazardous compound might be triggering unknown damage to your whole system.

And the only way to get rid of the threat is to eliminate the substance from your body, securely and thoroughly.

The compound is Mercury. Mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive heavy metal on earth, more poisonous than lead.

According to the World Health Organization, or W.H.O, there is no known safe level of mercury for humans.

The tiniest quantity of mercury going into the body can cause extensive damage to cells, tissues and organs.

While mercury can enter our bodies through many ecological avenues, the W.H.O. information shows that mercury released from amalgam fillings is, by far, the main source of direct exposure.

The W.H.O. approximates that direct exposure from amalgams is 6 to 7 times greater than exposure from fish or other food sources and 400 to 500 times the level of direct exposure from the environment.

” The debate concerning amalgam fillings has actually been raving for over 100 years. One thing is clear: the U.S. Environmental Security Agency and the Occupational Security and Health Administration have both stated the mercury in amalgam fillings as a hazardous, unsafe substance, that should not be touched or launched into the environment.

OSHA requires that dental amalgam materials be saved in solid, hazardous waste containers, away from heat and nobody must manage amalgam material without security.

If OSHA has identified that the mercury release from amalgam is so harmful that it can’t be touched, then why in heaven’s name are we putting this stuff in our mouths?”

Mercury’s a lot of extensive health damage is caused upon the central nerve system, the tissues in the brain and spinal chord.

We now understand that mercury from amalgam/silver fillings can add to many health problems.

The majority of frightening possibly is that mercury can go through the placenta of a pregnant female and penetrate the fetus’ main nervous system.

Mercury from amalgam fillings can likewise pass from breast milk to a nursing newborn.

At Sanoviv’s state-of-the-art Oral Health care Center, we understand the essential relationship between oral health and general health.

We also comprehend that neglecting these oral health problems might jeopardize the effective treatment of other, more serious illness.

Because of our dedication to entire body health and healing, we offer a special Mercury Detoxification Program.

This exceptional program is available for anyone wanting to have his or her dental care performed at Sanoviv’s mercury-free holistic dental.

Because of Mercury’s extreme toxicity it will not suffice just to have your mercury/amalgam filings got rid of and changed.

While it is possible to eliminate amalgam fillings and change them with a safe, non-toxic composite, elimination needs to be done utilizing a rigorous procedure in order to eliminate potential mercury exposure when taking out the fillings.

When you choose to have your amalgams removed, you will be taken a look at for amalgam fillings and evaluated for harmful mercury vapor using our modern mercury vapor analyzer.

If required, extra tests will be recommended to assist figure out whether mercury has collected in your body.

The very best method to eliminating and replacing these harmful fillings will be developed particularly for you. We will also supply you with a clinically designed Mercury Detoxing Program.

This program may consist of “chelation therapy” – an intravenous treatment that will help flush the body of mercury.

It might likewise include anti-oxidant supplements, antihomotoxic medication and lymphatic drain massage after every amalgam elimination treatment.

These processes offer the very best opportunity for your body to rid itself of mercury that has actually accumulated in your tissues and organs.

In depth studies reveal that individuals who have actually had their amalgam fillings eliminated report marked improvement in their health over a series of weeks and months.


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