Ecological Or Standard Dentistry: It’s Your Choice

Traditional dental and dental professionals’ practice aid many individuals enjoy exceptional oral and oral function for years. Standard dentistry’s stature throws dentists practicing alternative dentistry techniques into obscurity.

Lina Garcia, DMD, a so-called environmental dental professional cleans up numerous problems regarding the untraditional methods that they practice. She also exposes a number of ways how conventional dentistry treatments damage patients and the environment.

Environmental dentistry does not differ commonly from standard practices. They do support a concept: the mouth as an incorporated member of an individual’s body and need to be dealt with utilizing this viewpoint.

The main goal of ecological oral and dentists’ practice is to deal with dental and oral problems without triggering harm and unfavorable impacts on the body.

Ecological dentists claim that conventional dental treatments often use techniques that are hazardous to the body with time. Ecological dentistry’s recent findings indicate that some of the most standard services of traditional dental experts are harmful for the clients and their environment.

Garcia recognizes these problems as the typical and fundamental services patients frequently ask from their dental experts. Amalgam fillings, root canals, cavitations, implants, surgery, and using stainless-steel in the oral cavity are cited in a report by Garcia.

According to her, amalgam fillings are still 50% mercury which make them hazardous and toxic when ingested. Root canals also trigger more mouth issues due to the fact that they motivate the development of bacteria; it is also the very same with cavitations.

Environmental dentistry likewise abhors the use of implants without bio-compatibility screening. They declare that it intensifies the immuno-defense system and often begin allergies and unfavorable reactions.

They also cite the outcomes of research studies that show that use of stainless-steel in any open body part is a cause of cancer.

The critiques from ecological dentistry are numerous however the standard dentistry discusses these as annoyance.

Standard dental experts assert that the mercury in amalgam filling is transformed to a non-toxic substance once it responds with the oral fluids and germs.

They also cite lack of evidence and proof to support the environmental practice’s claim on the relation of dental care to other major diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Conventional dental and dentists’ service providers encourage clients to consult only dental professionals who advocate clinical treatment.

What they termed “holistic” practices such as environmental dentistry, are typically hazardous and presents major health threats.

Both camps have their cards on the table.

I think that it depends on you, as clients to decide in which practice you feel comfortable with: a “holistic” ecological practice or clinical and clinical dentistry?

I highly recommend research study and making informed choices when it concerns health matters.


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