Cosmetic Dentistry: Your Ticket to a Movie Star Smile

A picture-perfect smile is often the first thing we observe about celebrities. And each camera-ready grin is special.

” A round face, like Queen Latifah’s, looks finest with teeth that are somewhat rounded at the edges,” stated Dr. Michael Schneider, a cosmetic dental expert. “Usher has a square face – his teeth are more square and slightly smaller.

Will Smith, who has a rectangle-shaped face, has teeth that resemble Usher’s, yet with slightly sharper line angles.”

” With a heart-shaped face like Drew Barrymore’s, the chin is more noticeable.

Nevertheless, a few of us weren’t born with a super star grin. The amazing smile you see in publications and films or on the street might be the outcome of cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as veneers.

To avoid the discomfort that can feature applying routine veneers, individuals are turning to Lumineers by Cerinate.

Unlike routine veneers, Lumineers does not require drilling or grinding down sensitive tooth structure. The treatment is minimally invasive, making anesthesia and discomfort shots unneeded.

Scientifically proven to last up to 20 years, Lumineers is contact lens-thin and provides instantaneous teeth correcting and irreversible bleaching, changing misshapen teeth into a naturally gorgeous and ideal smile.

It is a convenient alternative to braces and can be used on worn teeth to enhance them and avoid additional wear.

Lumineers also can be placed over crowns and bridges to enhance aesthetics.

A Lumineers application can be completed in 2 short visits to the dental practitioner.

Roughly 8,500 dentists utilize Lumineers, made from Cerinate, a porcelain established by Santa Maria, Calif.-based Den-Mat Corp. It comes with a five-year replacement guarantee.

” With a heart-shaped face like Drew Barrymore’s, the chin is more obvious.


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