Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

You might want to try cholesterol decreasing drugs. Cholesterol lowering drugs is the other option in decreasing your cholesterol level if whatever else fails.

You must understand that cholesterol is needed in every cell in your body. However if you have excessive of it, you likewise increase your threat of heart problem. That’s why it is necessary to have an excellent and healthy lifestyle.

The significance in taking cholesterol lowering drugs depends on a variety of factors. These include the level of the cholesterol in your blood and other fats. Cholesterol lowering drugs are a fantastic aid in reducing your cholesterol level.

Some of these drugs are pricey and some tend to have side effects. It is essential that you maintain a low fat diet, regular workout, a healthy weight and stop smoking. Require time to read the up for side effects. Consult your physician if experience some adverse effects.


Statin drugs are extremely effective in lowering the cholesterol level. On the other hand, these types of cholesterol lowering drugs have been known to have some side results. Some essential enzymes are depleted if you take this kind of cholesterol reducing drugs and by supplementing it with “Co-Q”, it will protect your heart.

Bile Acid Sequestrates

Bile acid sequestrates are also another kind of cholesterol lowering drugs. The only drawback of these drugs is malabsorption.

Fibric Acids

Fibric acids (likewise called “fibrates”) work by lowering the triglyceride production and removing it from circulation. These cholesterol decreasing drugs also increases the level of HDL or “excellent” cholesterol. Fibrates contain gemfibrozil or “lopid and fenofibrate (tricor).

Nicotinic Acid

Nicotinic acids or “niacins” works by reducing the LDL or “bad” cholesterol and increases the HDL “excellent” cholesterol. Considerable quantity of doses of vitamin niacins can decrease triglycerides.
Most of these cholesterol reducing drugs are simple to administer, although they have a couple of drug-drug interactions.

Gastrointestinal (generally constipation, abdominal discomforts and cramps) is the most common side effect of cholesterol decreasing drugs. Signs of these cholesterol lowering drugs are usually mild to severe and usually settle as the therapy continues.

Choosing the kind of cholesterol decreasing drugs that is right for you is very essential.

Cholesterol lowering drugs is the other alternative in reducing your cholesterol level if everything else stops working.

Cholesterol lowering drugs are an excellent assistance in decreasing your cholesterol level.

Statin drugs are extremely effective in decreasing the cholesterol level. Bile acid sequestrates are likewise another kind of cholesterol reducing drugs. These cholesterol lowering drugs likewise increases the level of HDL or “great” cholesterol.


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