Acne– Types, Triggers And Treatments

Acne Vulgaris, frequently described as pimples, is an inflammatory disease of the skin. This condition is very common in adolescence. As one reaches their early twenties, it either disappears or reduces.

Acne begins because of the comedo, an enlarged hair roots plugged with oil and bacteria. The comedo is undetectable to the naked eye and is present beneath the surface of the skin.

When it gets the ideal condition, it becomes a swollen lesion. The oil produced from the skin assists bacteria to thrive within the swollen follicle.

Non-inflammatory acre are of two types– Closed comedo or white head, and Open comedo or black head. There are 4 types of inflammatory acne–.

· Papule– It is the mildest kind that appears on the skin as a little, firm pink bump.

· Pustule– They are little round sores consisting of visible pus. They might appear red at the base and yellow-colored or whitish at the.

· Blemish or Cyst– Large and unpleasant, they are pus-filled lesions lodged deep within the skin. The blemishes might continue for weeks or months with the contents hardening into a deep cyst. Both blemishes and cysts frequently leave deep scars.

· Acne Conglobata– This extreme bacterial infection establishes mainly on the back, buttocks and chest.

The primary reasons for acne are hormones like androgen, production of additional sebum, follicle fallout, germs and swelling. For managing acne, you can carry out the following actions–.

· Prevent extreme washing of your skin. It can leave the healthy skin dry, hence irritating the acne prone locations. Over-washing might likewise promote additional oil production.

· Avoid alcohol products to tone your skin. Alcohol is a strong astringent that strips the leading layer of the skin causing sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

· Do not squeeze or select the acne with fingernails, pins or any other thing. It forces the bacteria deeper into the skin and frequently leaves a long-term acne scar.

· A wash is required after exercise. The heat and wetness trapped against the skin produces an ideal breeding place for the spread of germs.

· Take in food abundant in Vitamin A, Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin E and Zinc like eggs, nuts, liver, milk, fish and leafy green veggies.

· Appropriate sleep and a life without tension and emotional anxiety can reduce acne.

· Use little make-up while exercising. Avoid garments that are made exclusively with nylon.

Laser surgery is frequently used to reduce the scars left behind by acne. Dealing with acne with azelaic acid, salicylic acid, tropical retinoids and benzoyl peroxide is also typical.

A large number of individuals began attempting herbal acne treatments over the traditional medications by utilizing teas, oils and organic creams.

Acne Vulgaris, frequently referred to as pimples, is an inflammatory disease of the skin. · Blemish or Cyst– Large and unpleasant, they are pus-filled sores lodged deep within the skin. Both nodules and cysts often leave deep scars.

· Avoid excessive washing of your skin. It can leave the healthy skin dry, therefore aggravating the acne susceptible areas.


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